Monday, November 16, 2009

Can tattoos be removed by bleaching your skin?

Bleaching the skin, lightings the skin considerably. Now, if the tattoo is on the skin and bleach cream is then added, will the tattoo be removed like the pigmentation of the skin or will it remain there?

Can tattoos be removed by bleaching your skin?
Reply:bleach can damage your skin! You're better getting it surgically removed! Its safer!
Reply:Bleaching will likely have no effect other than irritating your skin and maybe fading the ink somewhat.

The only way to have a tattoo removed is to have it done professionally. And it will take a number of sessions, depending upon the colors of ink used and the size of the tattoo.
Reply:im almost positive if you bleach you tatoo area, the tat will wash right off.
Reply:no that will not remove that tattoo. depending on how long it has been since you had it done the harder it will be to remove via laser treatment. the older the tattoo the deeper the pigment has migrated deeper into the skin. that is why after many years a tattoo can look blurry or discolored because the pigment moves as it ages with the skin.
Reply:This wont take the tattoo off the only way to do it would be professionally. If you could do that then professional tattoo removal would be obscelete.

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