Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aye, i wuz just wantin 2 know how can i make my skin brighter, without bleaching?

Love the skin you're born with. Anyway, darker skin can camouflage wrinkles and pigmentation. And also dark skin gives better protection from the sun UV rays.

I am a Caucasian { white] i have black stuff on my face[skin] Ive used bleaching creams?

over @ over for at least a year and sunscreen its awful what can i do to get rid of it looking for suggestions HELP

I am a Caucasian { white] i have black stuff on my face[skin] Ive used bleaching creams?
first of all, why would you use bleaching cream if you are white already? Second, wash your face, that might get the dirt off.
Reply:I think your talking about pigmentation which is brown patches on the skin usually caused by hormones. See your Dr.
Reply:Probably you should consider going to a dematologist and getting checked for melanoma. If you told me "purple" I might think it could be Lupus. In any case, get it checked out. You are not too young for skin cancer.
Reply:Try a facial scrub, if that doesn't work, you need to see the dermatologist.

How do i get my skin lighter without using bleaching cream?

this summer ive become really really dark, and i need a fast harmful way to get back to my original skin color..can some1 help me PLEASE!! thx

How do i get my skin lighter without using bleaching cream?
skin lightening AND skin tanning have the SAME objectives - better self esteem or to correct uneven skin tone.. much like how you take care of your skin, hair, weight, etc. to look and feel better.. absolutely, there's nothing wrong with that.. the only difference lies in one's cultural identity and tradition.. so let's respect each other's wants and needs..

use safe and potent skin lightening products - no hydroquinone, mercury or steroids AND potent unlike most commercial products showing little or no results at all.. here's a good source-

use a high spf (50 or better) sunscreen whenever outdoors.. take 500 mg vit. C everyday to enhance skin lightening and suppleness..

the above will give you faster and the most effective results..
Reply:email Michael J. he might be able to help.
Reply:stay out of the sun for a few days or wear long sleeves.
Reply:Stop freakin out. You're skin will fade soon enough if you stay out of the sun. Don't do anything that might hurt your skin.
Reply:theres nothing wrong with being dark. Just the season changes you will lighten to the color you naturally are. There are no harmless(i think you meant harmless, not harmful) ways to make your self lighter. Just be happy the way you are.

I am normally medium toned with a lot of red tones, so i get like redder and dark to in the summer. It used to bother me, but realize that im still really look the same, and you are beautiful no matter what shade of brown you are (or are not).

so basically i say just i guess stay out of the sun and wear an spf of at least 30. and just wait for the season sure you look fine the way you are.

-luv chai :)

edit for esmarelda...girl that was just wrong lolol :)
Reply:wtf?? what u tryna say? so that skin complexion is ugly?ok lets say your natural complexion was that dark like what u described. would u have low self-esteem? so what if u get darker.
Reply:I agree with DeeDee and SE7EN...
Reply:lemon juice


What effects does hairdressing chemicals have on the skin during a bleaching process?

The skin and scalp should not be washed to hard.

A gentle shampoo before you bleach the hair helps the scalp not to get blisters or burn upon application.

Again, if a protective creme is applied around the hair line and neck line, and the bleach does not swell and touch other parts of the face, no problems.

Do not scratch head or skin if this happens, only makes is worse.

Most hairdressers keep something on hand for this.

Can hair bleaching cream be used on dark skin people?

My friend has a little hair on her lip, it's not that noticeable but it worries her so i told her to bleach it. She has really pretty dark brown skin but i don't want her results to be worse. So i just wanted to know if it was possible to do that.

Can hair bleaching cream be used on dark skin people?
Oh wow, but for her I would maybe try a little piece, so if it doesn't work out, you could hide it with lip gloss, or something, but if that piece works good, go for it!, but do it little piece by piece so it doesn't mess up. Or I would maybe try waxing it. Hope This Helps.
Reply:I wouldn't do it on the face. I used it on hairs around my nipples and it bleached the areola color lighter where the bleach had been. It's temporary (about twenty-four hours), but I wouldn't want to walk around with my lip bleached.
Reply:Check on Michael Jackson's website:

Which is worse for ur skin: waxing or bleaching ur face?

Well waxing should only be done once a month if needed.

The treated wax of the manicurists or stylists with spas have

lighter makeup protecting mixture. This pre essential mineral

is a trade agreement from the mineral supplier, to keep ahead

of makeup clubs. Waxing I know of, is over 30 recipes so be

aware that this should be selected with a menu compliment.

Which is worse for ur skin: waxing or bleaching ur face?
bleaching ur face
Reply:bleaching, because you should like the skkin color that is represented in you. But waxing that's crazy too, i would never wax my face it just sounds bazar
Reply:you should never want to bleach your skin anyway
Reply:bleaching is so worse beacuse your putting chemicals into your face witch you probly dont know what they are nd as if there going to tell you the bad chemicls into the product and waxing is actualy taking it all of so i like waaxing better but you will have to do it quite alot
Reply:bleaching your face is definately worse for you. It can make your skin peal or even worse. Waxing isnt bad for your skin, it can just be uncomfortable at times because its itchy. just put moisturizer on after youre done waxing and you should be good =)
Reply:bleaching is worse. bleach colors the hair on your face and you might look a little silly since sum ppl can see the new color. all waxing does is take out the root so you cant see it and you cant notice it....waxing might hurt but its better 4 u
Reply:Unfortunately they are equally as bad! Bleaching can sometimes cause a chemical burn to your face/skin, and waxing can sometimes cause irritation due to the hair being ripped out from the follicle. So take your pic! Ahhhh, the price we women must pay for beauty! :)
Reply:Bleaching your face exposes your skin to chemicals that could be harmful in excess! Although waxing is more painful, I'd say it's the way to go! Make sure you give your skin time to calm down after you go for a waxing. Don't get it done right before going to a party or anything! Also, it'd be good to invest in a calming cream (nothing too thick for your face to prevent acne ) for your skin after you get waxed.
Reply:Both because, waxing your face, means you got a hairy @ss face. and bleaching is straight are putting a strong chemical on your face
Reply:i find bleaching worse
Reply:If you're referring to the hair lighteners like Nair that you can buy over the counter vs. waxing your upper lip, neither of them are that bad for you if you only use it once a month or something like that. With bleaching, however, you can't be sure that it'll lighten to a shade that matches with your skin, so waxing is probably a better method.

If you live near any Indian salons, a lot of them do inexpensive threading, which is a technique to pluck the hair using a piece of string. It's completely safe for the skin, because they're just taking out the hair and not putting anything on your face. It's more painful than waxing because it's slower, but it's faster and easier than tweezing.
Reply:bleaching is as it is obtained by using a chemical. Can lead to a chemical burn if left on too long. waxing, although can be painful, removes hair at the root. regrowth is thinner.
Reply:In terms of facial hair removal, either is fine. If your hair is fine then I'd go with the bleach because you don't have to deal with hair regrowth and you can easily do it yourself at home. Make sure to do a test patch first on the inside of your arm and don't leave on for longer than recommended. A good one is Jolen (at any pharmacy). Waxing is safe also but can be more tricky- I'd recommend having someone who knows what they're doing wax it for you- at a salon or spa. If you do want to do it yourself, practice on your leg or arm first to make sure the temperature %26amp; consistency is just right- you don't wnat to burn your face or rip your skin off along with the hair (this can happen if the wax is too hot).

Skin lightening fading bleaching creams?gave dark areas i wanna lighten.thanx guys?

Try diana stalder product the papaya kojic soap and whitening cream and their products are very effective. check out customers testimonials and you will find out more about the products... They have the best skin whitening lightening products... check this out..

Skin lightening fading bleaching creams?gave dark areas i wanna lighten.thanx guys?
benoquin is the strongest i've tried-use cautiously.
Reply:i dont understand?